Towards location intelligence

TASSIC's 2014-2016 strategic plan for spatial information in Tasmania outlines TASSIC's plan to meet the challenges ahead.  Download a copy of the strategic plan to find out more.


The importance of spatially locating underground services 

What happens when information about the location of underground services is either inaccurate or simply doesn't exist?  This compilation of actual images shows what can happen when the right information isn't available.  


The Value of Spatial Information for Tasmania 

In 2011, ACIL Tasman conducted an assessment of the value of incresed investment in spatial information for the Tasmanian economy.  A comprehensive report on this work is now available.


Tasmania's Spatial Data Infrastructure

TASSIC has developed a framework of guiding principles to support the evolution of Tasmania's Spatial Data Infrastructure.

We welcome your comments and feedback


Spatial success stories

TASSIC is developing a portfolio of successful spatial applications and case studies.

If you or your organisation would like to highlight your spatial achievements, you can download and complete the template and email it to the TASSIC Executive Officer.


Spatial Innovation Showcase

Tasmania's inaugural Spatial Innovation Showcase was held in Hobart on 27 October 2011.

The event was a great success, attended by around 160 delegates, speakers and exhibitors from all levels of government as well as local and national business enterprises, professional organisations and academia.